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Rock Mixolydian

Mode scales are an important part of musical knowledge and the building blocks for many popular songs. These 20 minute play along tracks focus on each particular mode in a Rock style and also a Jazz style. All the important modes will be covered including modes of the Major scale, modes of the Melodic Minor scale and modes of the Harmonic Minor scale. ( more will be added soon so keep coming back! ).

Have fun!!

Mixolydian mode. Each track is in all keys.

Rock Mixolydian - 80bpm $1.99
Rock Mixolydian - 100bpm $1.99
Rock Mixolydian - 120bpm $1.99
Rock Mixolydian - 150bpm $1.99
Rock Mixolydian - 175bpm $1.99
Rock Mixolydian - 200bpm $1.99